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Judaic Studies 

At Magen Israel, we employ curricula that are well-researched and at the cutting edge

of the education field.


General Studies

Our dynamic curriculum maintains the highest standards of study through a comprehensive and interactive general studies program.


  • Closely following the standards and programs of the Great Neck Public Schools, our curriculum offers each student the very best secular education has to offer, preparing them for higher education and beyond.

  • We strive to instill in our students the skills and confidence to become life-long learners.

The Wonders program teaches reading, writing, grammar, sight words, vocabulary and spelling. Hands-on activities and interactive lessons provide a fully engaging learning
experience. With a focus on individual attention, we endeavor to help each child reach their maximum potential.



Magen Israel Schools general studies curriculum follows the standards and programs of the Great Neck Public School System. Our school is proud to provide our students with the very best in arithmetic instruction through the GO Math!®
Curriculum for Grades K-8. Math instruction is always evolving, with new approaches to pedagogy, engagement, and technology. GO Math!® meets students and teachers on
their math journey, raising student achievement scores and supporting teachers along the way.

Designed by the same author team across K–8, GO Math! incorporates the latest thinking in its comprehensive approach and engages digital natives with cross-platform
technology. It helps students differentiate instruction, building and reinforcing foundational math skills that translate from the classroom to real life. GO Math! has been rigorously tested in the classroom, and the results, complemented by the Harvard University Center for Educational Policy study, show significant achievement gains by students of schools who utilize the program.

Language Arts

Wonders, a comprehensive PreK–6 literacy solution, is designed to meet the challenges of today’s classroom and reach all learners. A wealth of research-based print and digital resources provide unmatched support for building
strong literacy foundations, accessing complex fiction and nonfiction texts, writing to sources, and building social-emotional learning skills. Whether in the core classroom,
an English language learner, or benefiting from intervention support, Wonders provides students equity of access to rich texts and rigorous instruction.

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