Parnes Hayom

You have the unique opportunity of supporting the good deeds, prayers and Torah study of Magen Israel’s 150 students through Parnes Hayom – Supporter of the Day.


Dedicate a day of learning - $126


Dedicate a month of learning - $1,000


Dedicate a week of learning - $360


Dedicate a specific day for life -$1,260


Have a special occasion coming up?

With Magen Israel’s Parnes HaYom initiative, participants are given the unique opportunity to dedicate a day, week, month, or specific date for life of learning in honor of a special occasion or a lovedone

We invite you to become a Parnas HaYom patron in support of our Yeshiva and its students.
You may dedicate a day, week, month, or ‘day for life.’ Dedications can be for a refuah shelaima or to commemorate any occasion: yahrzeit, shloshim, birth, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary or simply in honor of a loved one or friend.

Thank you and Tizku L'mitzvot.

To make a Parnas Hayom Dedication, please fill out the form below: