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Welcome to Magen Israel Elementary School!


Here every child flourishes in a warm and loving atmosphere developing his or her social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Our school was founded on three core principles:

Ahavat Hashem  |  Ahavat Yisroel  |  Ahavat Hatorah

These three fundamentals are the core of what Magen Israel is and strives to be for every child. At our school parents and students alike know that their teachers and administrators have their best interests at heart and are dedicated to providing them with the very best education and overall school experience. This enables our students to become self-driven, self-motivated learners and gives them the confidence to strive in their academic pursuits. 

The difference at Magen Israel is that here each child wants to be in the classroom. Each lesson is designed to be engaging and enriched with hands-on, stimulating activities to facilitate dynamic learning and retention. We strive to instill in our students a life-long love of learning that will stay with them far beyond the classroom. Our students are given opportunities to explore through reading, conducting research, solving math problems, performing complex science experiments, and studying American, and world history. Our wide range of extracurricular classes gives our students the opportunity to explore their interests in the classroom and beyond.

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