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Junior High School

Junior High School (ages 11-14) are formative years of a child’s development. It is the bridge between childhood and adolescence. Magen Israel Junior High School strives to provide our students with a warm, safe, and intellectually stimulating environment to thrive through these transformative and oftentimes turbulent years. Catering to the needs of the whole child, including his/her social and emotional competencies, is always vital but especially so at this stage of life. It is for that reason that Magen Israel employs Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services’ MAP program and the Kedusha Talk program founded and directed by Rabbi Avi Landau.


We utilize standardized state-wide testing to ensure our students will be up-to-par and prepared for whichever high school they go on to graduate to. Interactive classes and discussion-based lessons provide our students with the opportunity to exercise independent thought and intellectual expression. We focus on developing and strengthening foundational Gemara skills giving our students the ability and confidence for the independent learning system in high school.


Extracurricular activities and after-school clubs provide our students with the opportunity to explore their interests and strengths outside of the classroom.

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